Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life Insurance

One of the many uncertainties in this world concerns our health. We never actually now how the cards will fall. Although we all expect to live long and healthy lives, fate can deal us a different hand.

Death by insurance

Nataline Sarkisyan, 17, died this week, and her premature demise was assured by Cigna, who refused (until hours before her death) to approve the liver transplant ordered by her doctors.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Arizona Advocates Preparing for Autism Insurance Push; Group ...

Arizona advocates for health insurance coverage for autism services are planning to hold a rally Tuesday, January 29, 2008, at 6 pm in front of the state Capitol building in Phoenix.

Reader on interest (riba), mortgage, leasing, insurance and other ...

Reader on interest (riba), mortgage, leasing, insurance and other related matters of Islamic finance RIBA (INTEREST), Shaykh Buti on Riba (usury) in the West Why is Riba, such as bank interest, forbidden?

Term Life Insurance Vs Permanent

Ever since the idea of term life insurance came to the mind of man term life insurance vs permanent has been the center of active and thought provoking debate.

Health Insurance in the US - A Broken System

Maybe you noticed I was gone for a few days. I had some pretty important stuff going on, and I just didn’t have any energy to write. I’m going to tell you what happened to us.

Advantage Life Insurance

Have you been contemplating the benefits and advantages of life insurance? Insuring your life? I’d say there are definite advantages to that!